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Born 1951 in Munich I soon longed to leave the regulated prosperity of Germany behind and see what else this thing called “Life” could be. The opportunity arose when my future husband, an equally unruly spirit, decided to immigrate to New Zealand in 1974. From there I came to Canada in 1976, worked as waitress, dispatcher for a small air service, tourist guide, florist, horticulturist, … and tried self sufficiency together with my husband clearing land and building a homestead near Telegraph Creek, BC. There we lived for 15 years with interruptions needed to earn the cash to afford the luxury of life in the bush.

I moved to Whitehorse in 1991 to escape this precarious hold on existence, became a florist, and continued a life of hiking, climbing, skiing and generally trying to be outside as much as possible.

In 2000 I moved to Italy where I lived for 3 years before returning to Canada in 2003. I still do everything: I am painting walls with a roller, working and designing gardens and grow as much of our own food as possible.

In my painting I try to find the colour, chaos and humour of the life I had so far.